SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019 - 11:00Am

Gessler Hall (Room 116, lower level) at the UBC School of Music

Refreshments to Follow

Voice and Piano Students have the opportunity to participate in this FUN and FRIENDLY recital experience! Repertoire will be selected by Julia with each student. It is optional for Piano Students to memorize their piece. Voice Students are strongly encouraged to memorize their song. Students are welcome to dress up a bit, but ultimately, please have them wear something in which they are comfortable to sing or play. 

Participation Fees (Due May 13):

  • Cost for Piano Students: $20

  • Cost for Voice Students: $30

  • Admission for Guests: Free with RSVP

Arrival Times:

  • Voice Students must arrive at 10:00am in order to rehearse their song with the pianist.

  • Piano Students should arrive no later than 10:45am in order to have an introduction to the space and the piano they will get to play.

  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children during the entirety of the event.


  • Students and parents are are encouraged to do their best being great audience members. This means keeping noise and movement to a minimum. If you need to talk, exit, or re-enter, please aim to do so between performances.

  • If you know someone's song, please do not hum or sing along to it. It will not only be distracting to those around you, but will also disturb the performer.

Photo/Video Policy:

  • Parents are encouraged to photograph or video their own child/children's performances, and are asked to respectfully refrain from photographing or recording other students with the exception of a group photo at the end.

Location & Parking:

  • Gessler Hall (Room 116) in the UBC School of Music located at 6361 Memorial Road, UBC

  • The Armouries Lot (School of Music Lot) is the nearest parking lot. It can be accessed by using a lane off Crescent Rd. (The Fraser Parkade is also nearby or you may be able to find free parking on Marine Drive.)

  • The UBC School of Music is accessible but does not have automatic doors everywhere. There is a ground level entrance from the Armouries Lot to the lowest floor where the recital and washrooms are located. There is an outdoor ramp located adjacent to the staircase that leads up to the plaza and level 2 of the music building. Within the building there is an elevator.

Sign Up for the Spring Recital!

(Deadline is May 13th)

Please let me know if anyone you RSVP'd for has any food allergies and if so, the level of severity.
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