Julia Rooney - Teaching Biography



Julia Rooney holds both a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Opera from the University of British Columbia with additional training from the Mozarteum University in Austria, Opera Nuova in Edmonton, the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy, the European Music Academy in Czech Republic, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Julia has been awarded many scholarships from UBC and Vancouver Opera, and is notably a two-time recipient of the Johann Strauss Scholarship for Advanced Study of Music in Austria.

Julia is so helpful. I had a great time at the lesson today - I feel much more confident about my abilities now!
— Alex, actor

Professional Experience:

Julia has performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Bard on the Beach: Opera & Arias, UBC Symphony Orchestra, Applause Musicals, Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques (Montreal), Fear No Opera (Victoria), Westben Arts Festival Theatre (Ontario), North Czech Philharmonic, and on tour in Beijing and Chengdu, China with UBC Opera. Since 2012, Julia has appeared regularly with Vancouver Opera in the chorus and small roles, as well as on tour across BC with Vancouver Opera in Schools.

Private Studio:

Julia has over five years of teaching experience, and officially opened her own teaching studio in 2015. She has experience teaching in many styles including classical, musical theatre, jazz, folk, and pop. She has also worked with musicians to integrate improved singing technique while playing their instruments, including guitar and piano. Julia's students have succeeded in auditions,  stage productions, talent shows, choir solos, open mic nights, Royal Conservatory of Music exams, and singing roles in films. Julia maintains an active studio of regular students during weekdays after school, and keeps selected daytime slots available for students who are looking for more flexibility, such as occasional lessons or intensive study in a condensed time period. 


I really enjoyed learning practical skills and techniques from Julia which helped improve my confidence in singing, all the while in a relaxed and comfortable setting.
— Tom, guitarist

Julia teaches in English, and additionally knows French (fluent), Italian (beginner), German (beginner), Spanish (beginner), Latin (sung only), Czech (sung only). Practical knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet allows Julia to teach correct lyric pronunciation in many different languages. Additionally, Julia has privately coached French libretto (sung and spoken) for professional opera singers.

Learning Environment:

Julia's studio fosters a supportive environment for you to succeed at your goals. She will work with you on proper posture and body alignment to allow for optimal breath support, focusing on relaxing and engaging appropriate areas. She will help you to connect with your sound and release it freely and easily. Julia will teach you how to properly balance resonance, creating a blended sound throughout your range to eliminate an obvious shift or "break" in your sound.

Practicing healthy and effective vocal technique will help you grow your pitch range and increase volume capabilities. Julia will assess your personal vocal needs, make an individualized plan for your voice and your goals (including take-home materials such as vocal exercises and songs), but most importantly, Julia will help you strengthen and build confidence with your singing voice by learning healthy, reliable vocal technique!